Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Ringing in the New Year with Old and New Friends!
Admission: Free ONLY for members and guests! You can RSVP your guest or please vouch for them at venue.
$10.00 for everyone else.
Cash Bar/Cash Food
December 31, 2013 (TUESDAY)
5-14 51st Ave
Long Island City, NY 11101

DIRECTIONS: Take 7 to Vernon/Jackson look for Police Precinct or Tournesol, look for 51st Ave. walk down.

Or Take E or M to Court Square in LIC walk up Jackson Avenue, make a right on 51st Ave.
Driving Directions:

Street parking available, please adhere to street parking regulations and municipal meters.
Private lots and garages on your own accord.

Thank God public transportation to LIC has gotten a "little" better....

PS - it was a good time, not too crazy, just right!

ALEWIFE no longer has their signature POUTINE!!!!!

Rumor has it ALEWIFE LIC will be brewing their own brews comin 2014....


Monday, October 14, 2013


UPRIGHT Brew House

Wednesday - Let's enjoy hump day at the Upright Brew House!

This relatively new craft beer bar is located in the West Village and does have an impressive beer list. See beer list here:

So come out and catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

DIRECTIONS: Take the A,B,C,D,E,F,M to West 4th street walk west on W.10th Street, passing Bleeker Street, then making a right on Hudson Street.


Parking is atrocious, but not impossible. Please adhere to parking regulations. Payment for meters or private parking garages on your own accord.

For more information on the Upright Brew House, you can visit their website at:

The Morning After:

Upright Brew House is...Upright. A fantatic and cozy joint that offers great coffee and a decent selection of craft beers. Not the cheapest but fair for the area.

Recommended for good friends, couples and the sorta mature.

Sunday, September 8, 2013



Homebrewers showing their best, some better than beers out there and some whose beers should stay in the basement.

The BELL HOUSE in Brooklyn, New York did a fantastic job hosting this event.

Beer drinkers of any level would appreciate the craftmanship that this year's participants put into their work!

For $40 dollars, you get a ballot which get's signed off of course when you make your rounds. You get more than your money's worth! Not only do you get to taste these above average homebrews, you get.... MEATBALLS (meat or vegetarian) from ZITO'S Sandwich Shop in Brooklyn!

SPECIAL GUEST was Joshua M.Berstein, the author of "The Complete Beer Course".

Very well organized, the venue knew how to handle a large crowd!


Brooklyn's Wort 2013

First Place  - Abbie Apostal *Zenith RyePA 
Second Place - Harris Effron *Ryebiscus Red Ale
Third Place - Casey Wolnowski *Agave Wheat (Thumbs Up)

First Place - Simon Tepas *Sunset on the Gowanus
Second Place - Matthew Job *The Prankster:A Stout of Shady Character
Third Place - Jess Huckemeyer *Batch 5

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Support local NYC!
Williamsburg is home to a winery, a brewery and a distillery.
 The New York Distilling Company
We went on a tour at the New York Distilling Company and had samples of their up and coming Gin.
Based on the sample, expect a smooth start, then on the way down a turbulence of strong and clean flavor.

 Although relatively small for the industry, this facility is considered “massive” for Williamsburg.
It is beautiful, organized and modern.
The NY Distilling Company makes their own Gin, but has craft beers available at their “SHANTY” bar.
 There is live music on Saturdays and Sundays at 4pm.
Photo: Blue grass at the NY Distillery!
 They have a small offering of beers, but they are good beers.
We were fortunate enough to enjoy some brews and live blue grass music after our very informative tour.
The Shanty is known more for their cocktails and their gin…so, we were slightly out of our element. Unfortunately, they do not have any food available and food options are similar to that of food options in a desert – so come fed and full if you do plan on coming here.
(Two of us were smart enough to sneak in a couple of Hot Dogs from Crif Dogs Brooklyn before coming to the NY Distilling Company  - BTW, the hotdogs were absolutely delicious – which was no surprise).
***After consuming beer and gin, many of us developed ulcers and needed some food ASAP!***
We attempted to go to the Meat Ball Shop, but the wait was long and we were now in a state of emergency and our people needed to get food in them. There were recommendations on where to go, but our fearless leader, STEVE H., saw the conditions of our people and made the command decision of going next door to……SWEET CHICK!  
Our leader had led us to waffles and chicken heaven!
Photo by Steve H

None of us were familiar with this New American fried chicken joint, but the aroma that was emanating from Sweet Chick wrapped her arms around us and comforted us into this warm and quaint restaurant. Their woodsy, country d├ęcor granted us relief from the NYC heat wave and stress of starvation.
In only a few moments, we were seated and noticed immediately, that they had beer!
In fact, they had a rare find – GENNY LAGER – aka Genesee Red Lager.
Photo by Steve H
Most of us, of course, ordered the chicken and waffles and….

Photo by Steve H
Their butters alone was phenomenal!
Foodie Alert – I know many of you may be a little skeptical about fried chicken in Williamsburg, but you have to try it. Yes, it’s heavy, it’s rich, but not over done with sodium or underdone like the type of “fried chicken” you would find in most upscale restaurants. Like Goldilocks would say, “Ahh, just right!”
For more information on Sweet Chick, you can visit their website at:
After a happy dinner, we follow our noses (literally – the wonderful scent of Italian sausage and fried oreos fill the air) to the annual Mt.Carmel fair.
This was truly the best way to end a great day – a carnival!
Photo by Steve H
Photo by Steve H
Photo by Steve H
Photo by Steve H
Photo by Steve H
Photo by Steve H

See you at the next bar....

Friday, July 12, 2013

Randolph Beer and One MILE House

We went to Randolph Beer
(not to be confused with The Randolph – same owner though).            
Randolph Beer is situated in between Nolita and the Lower East Side.
Randolph Beer offers patrons an incredible selection of American craft beers and impressive “New American” pub grub that foodies can give a nod to.
Try the fish and chips!
Is this place a craft beer drinker’s oasis?
No, but Randolph Beer can hold its’ own amongst the contenders coming into the NYC craft beer boxing ring. What makes Randolph Beer stand out, is it’s location….had this place been one block closer to the Lower East Side, this atmosphere would have been completely different!
Because Randolph Beer is closer to Nolita, this establishment is filled with wine drinkers who like to dabble with craft beer ideology and cocktail zealots who want to expand their quench palettes. Craft Beer aficionados may find this place a little stuffy and can find themselves annoyed at listening to patrons asking the bar tender what kind of craft beer it is they’re drinking, where it’s from and how it’s made.
Or, if you’re not sitting at the bar, you won’t be able to hear yourself scream because you will be exposed to dangerous levels of music decibels.
BUT…it’s a great place.
For more information on Randolph Beer, you can visit their website at:
After Randolph Beer, we mosey on over to our one of our very favorite spots….
One Mile House!
The craft beer list is double in size compared to Randolph Beer and offers patrons, not only American craft beers, but also many of the locally talented craft beers coming from Long Island, Upstate and the Five Boroughs!
Foodie Alert – yes, come here for their infamous Bacon Matzo Balls!
Why do we love this place?
Great beer, delicious, unique food and great environment!

Yes, it is LES, just a couple of blocks away from Nolita…
One Mile House is appeasing to the hipsters and craft beer enthusiasts!
 It’s one of the few places, where the two can happily co-exist and that’s because of this establishment's earthy ambience. 
Just like their Bacon Matzo Balls, a contradiction that works.
For more information on One Mile House, you can visit their website at:


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Craft Beer?

If you just wanted to know...
What is a Craft Beer?
 Photo by Steve H
Basically - a beer from a limited supply.
 (Not a limited edition from a large brewery)
Example: A microbrewery can only produce so much of a product because of it's smaller size, capacity and capability, thus making their product rare and depending on the quality, more in demand.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Craft Beer in Hell's Kitchen?
It's True!
Alfie's is a Craft Beer bar in Hell's Kitchen that dares to deviate from the traditional Irish Pubs that dominate the neighborhood!
The staff is wonderful!
We like coming here because of the friendly service!
Alfie's is still learning to walk when it comes to Craft Beers, but they are learning fast, soon enough they'll be running.
The owner, managers and staff are always looking to learn about craft beers and what brews they can bring into this part of the city that can satisfy the Hell's Kitchen crowd.
This blog does not talk about beers per say, we blog about the beerplotations of our group...

Alfies is a great find!
Decent beer menu.
a beautiful and cozy atmosphere that makes for a great night out with friends or even going out on a Match date.
Hells Kitchen has some catching up to do when it comes to craft beer bars, but we're sure Alfie's will help lead the way.
DIRECTIONS: Take the N, Q, R to the 57th/7th Ave stop OR the B, D, E to 7th Ave
For DRIVING or other directions, please go to:
For menus and more information on ALFIE'S, please visit their website at: